a General (11)

What is a sealed beam?

A sealed beam is a type of lamp that includes a reflector and filament as a single assembly, over which a front cover (lens) of clear glass, is permanently attached.

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What is a dual beam reflector headlamp?

A single reflector lamp with two independently energized filament creating two different beam patterns.

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What is a projector module?

In this system a filament is located at one focus of an ellipsoidal reflector and has a condenser lens at the front of the lamp.  This design gives out a stronger beam to light a more focused area with very accurate light dispersion and less scatter loss.    In projector headlights, a filament is positioned at one focus of an elliptical and a condenser lens is placed in front of the lamp. At the image plane, just between the lens and the reflector, a shade (cut-off shield) can be found and the projection at the top edge of this shade is the one that gives the low-beam cutoff.

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What is a Headlamp Bucket?

This is the structural assembly or part that actually holds your headlights.  I currently produce versions for the Pontiac Fiero, Kawasaki KLR, and the Chumpcar world series.

Are these lights legal in the US and Canada?

Hella 60 and 90mm modules are United States Department of Transportation standard 108 compliant high and low beam headlights and are clearly marked with this certification.

Are these lights legal outside North America?

Yes, E-code versions and right hand drive versions of these fixtures are available.  Check with your local Hella retailer for availability.

Can I just buy the buckets and not a whole kit?

Of course! If you already have modules or want to create your own unique wiring harness, every thing I do is available Ala Carte. Just mail e-mail me.

Can I get something custom made?

Absolutely, I live for custom work. But…. be careful what you wish for. Making a new, “one off” application work is very time consuming and potentially expensive. I am however always interested in the development of new products and am open to all suggestions.

Can I use Paypal?

I do except it, but discourage it. It my be convenient but most consumers are unaware of the cost. Because I build to order, there is ample time for checks to clear. If you must use PayPal there is a fee.

How long will this take?

Generally. you should expect delivery within 6 weeks or less.

What kind of guarentee do I get?

I unconditionally lifetime satisfaction guarantee everything I make for life.

b Technical (5)

Are two dedicated high and low beam headlamps better than a single dual beam reflector headlamp?

Yes, The reflector in a dual beam lamp is a compromise between the two distinct beam pattern needs. A well designed low beam headlamp will give excellent broad, up-close illumination without excess glare. A well designed high beam headlamp has a narrow beam that carries farther.

Why are Projector low beams modules better than a low beam reflectors?

Low beam projectors are vastly superior than reflectors because of the reduced production of errant light known as glare. This characteristic that is the great benefit of projector optics becomes very apparent in fog and snow conditions. Low projector modules also contain an internal “cut-off” shield, that blocks the upper part of the beam that would shine in the eyes of oncoming drivers. More importantly, this cut-off of the beam prevents the illumination of fog, rain, or snow between the driver’s eyes and the roadway. Quite simply, a well aimed projector low beam fixture will light the road surface not the air in front of you.

Is special wiring required?

Yes. Depending on your application, you may only need a wiring adapter harness to accomplish connection to your new lights. If you wish to run more lights than your stock set-up, you will need a relay harness to accommodate the additional wattage.

What is FTL?

Separate high and low beam modules allow you to run all lights simultaneously on high.  This is a huge advantage over dual-beam (one fixture, two element) headlamps.  The stock Fiero wiring is not designed to do this and must (or at least should) be modified to accommodate the additional current flow.  We utilize two independent fuses, power feeds, and relays.  All wire is sized to accommodate current DOT standard loads, including future HID.  All connectors are included to connect to; existing harness for relay trigger, new modules, and battery.  Full time low feature can be disabled simply by unplugging an integrated jumper connection.  This same jumper can be extended to switch on your dash. This harness and relay system can accommodate fog and driving light interconnect.  Ask about our triple relay configuration.

What is triple relay interconnect?

This set-up allows you to turn on or dim driving lights with your dimmer switch.

Chumpcar (1)

What the heck is Chumpcar?

The “Chumpcar World Series” is endurance racing for those who are faint of budget. High dollar teams are not allowed. $500 race cars with contemporary safety gear and course workers ready to save your ass. No one wants to get hurt and everyone wants to go fast.

Fiero (2)

Are Fiero buckets plug and play?

Yes and No, all our Fiero bucket systems bolt directly to stock mounting brackets and motors with no modifications.  The SuperLow, however must be attached to the underside of the doors and requires skilled installation.

What is the difference between the PP and SL?

I make two main headlight bucket variants for the Fiero with several different module configurations for each. Both systems bolt directly to the stock bracket and motor. My original design I refer to as the”PP” for Plug and Play”. Three bolts per side and the buckets are in.
The new variant is a two part bucket that results in a lower profile. I call this the “SuperLow” or ‘SL”. The upper part attaches to the underside of the doors and holds the projector modules. The lower part is a lifting paddle that pushes the upper part up, opening the doors. Installation of the SL is not difficult by requires some skill.